Kaiholan Puutarha




We have an ever expanding selection of edible flowers available throughout the growing season.

We like to use a lot of these varieties to help attract pollinating insects to our land which in turn benefit our fruit, vegetables, herbs and the ultimate well being of our little ecosystem. By using flowering species we can attract beneficial insects which help to control undesirable insects that may have an effect on our herbs, fruits and vegetables. This not only helps us to maintain a balance within our immediate environment but it also gives us lots of beautiful flowers that are attractive to the eye and strikingly colorful on the dinner table. 

We have several varieties of nasturtium, anise hyssop, borage, chive flowers, garlic flowers, arugula flowers, basil flowers, calendula, chamomile, chicory, white and crimson clover, marigold, sunflowers, mint flowers, squash flowers, tansy and several others all subject to availability.