Kaiholan Puutarha

About us



We took a piece of land and with the help of particular plant species, animals and insects we have created an evolving and resilient ecosystem with the ability to sequester carbon.

We don’t use tractors and we don’t disturb soil which allows us to retain carbon and keep important layers of organisms and biosystems intact.

We are a natural farming, no dig and no single use plastic regenerative plant nursery and farm. Mouthful.

We grow exciting herbs with flavor, flowers to eat and interesting vegetables.

Are we organic? We would say more than... Are we Permaculture? Bits of yeah... Are we Biodynamic? If you like... We aren’t interested in labels or trends, call us whatever you want. Maybe we are just weirdo punk rock farmers in a bureaucratic world full of boxes to be ticked with people wanting more for themselves all the time. You be the judge.

Listen to nature and you might learn something really cool.

Pia & Lenni x