Kaiholan Puutarha

About us


Who we are

An Australian moved next door to a gardener in Finland and they started talking about plants...

We are a plant nursery, herb, veg and fruit growing project an hour east of Tampere. We use a combination of permaculture and agroforestry techniques to grow a wide variety of culinary and medicinal herbs, vegetables and fruits that we service to restaurants, markets and individuals. We are 100% chemical free and work without tractors to minimize our carbon footprint. 

We take inspiration from ongoing world travel, engaging with people across the globe poking our noses in their gardens and seeing how they do things.

We grow slowly and concentrate on not just growing plants but building soil. We like to think of our land as an ecosystem not a farm.

We don't think we need to pay to be 'organic' or be apart of something that tells us where we need to buy our seeds from. We know how clean and chemical free our seeds, produce and processes are. 

We use self made compost and animal manure sourced locally from friends and our own animals along with mineral accumulating and nitrogen fixing plants on our property to improve the fertility of our soils.

We are concentrating on developing perennial herbs and vegetables that require little intervention over time, establishing a resilient system through regenerative farming practices that will hopefully be more adaptive to ever changing weather conditions. 

We have chickens that rotate around the farm and make new growing areas for us, fertilizing and keeping insects in balance and in return they give us eggs and friendship. 

We use no plastic in our packaging, selling all goods in bunches or in paper bags|boxes. Our Apple Cider Vinegar is bottled in recycled glass and we discount customers who return their bottles for re-fills.  

We offer gardening and garden design services from yard work, planting, pruning and cutting grass to full garden design and installation with years of experience between us.