Kaiholan Puutarha

About us



We love flavor, so we had to find ways to grow that on our land. From there we started our farm.

We don’t just grow plants but we build soil. From there we find flavor. Our chickens, our self made compost and mineral accumulating plants build the fertility in our soil that allow us to grow the plants that we want to grow and get that flavor we are looking for.

We combine regenerative agroforestry and permaculture techniques without using tractors to reduce our impact on the environment and are proudly 100% chemical free.

All of our produce is homegrown, hand-picked and serviced to restaurants, stores and individuals.

We take inspiration from our travels in the off season where we talk with people in all sorts of different countries and see how they do things in their gardens.

We use no plastic in our produce packaging, selling all goods in bunches or in paper bags and boxes. Our Apple Cider Vinegar is bottled in recycled glass with recycled DIY labels. All our seedling pots are recycled and we never source new plastic potting material.

We are both gardeners so we offer gardening and garden design services from yard work, planting, pruning and cutting grass to full garden design and installation with years of experience between us.